Our Attorneys

At Burt & Cordes, PLLC we value sound legal advice, integrity, personal service and professionalism. Each attorney practices these principles and approaches each matter with the intent to help the client reach his or her goals. Our attorneys practice in the areas of family law, collaborative family law, domestic litigation, bankruptcy, debtor – creditor litigation and negotiated workouts.

Laura B. Burt

Laura Burt advises clients in various areas of family law including Separation, Divorce and Premarital Agreements. After litigating family law matters for many years, Ms. Burt now focuses her practice on working with clients that want to reach out of court settlements.

Stacy Cordes

Stacy C. Cordes

Stacy Cordes advises clients on debtor-creditor and bankruptcy related matters. Ms. Cordes has also represented clients in all types of litigation cases before state and federal courts. She is adept at negotiated workouts.

Brittany Love

Brittany Love advises clients on various matters of domestic law. Ms. Love has extensive experience in both civil and criminal litigation, but has now focused her practice on family law and navigating families through difficult and emotional circumstances.