Here are Testimonials and Reviews from some of our clients.

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After my first meeting with Laura Burt, I knew she was the family law attorney for me. She took the time to listen intently, taking many notes. She sympathized and even encouraged counseling as a final attempt to help save my marriage. When the time came to proceed with my separation, Laura and her paralegal, Debbie thoroughly explained my next steps and took the time to answer my questions. Her fees were very reasonable, working very efficiently to keep them to a minimum. I even had a small portion of my retainer returned! I truly feel Laura had my best interest at heart throughout the separation process and I would highly recommend her to my friends! ~ Susan

Stacy provided me a safe, direct, personable approach to a very detailed and complicated process. Her guidance and professionalism allowed me to make a personal decision which she supplied advice on all consequences of my decision. I highly recommend Stacy Cordes. ~ Michael

I turned to Laura Burt, family law attorney, to handle my settlement agreement and the details of my divorce. Laura came highly recommended by a good friend and work colleague. Laura and her team (especially Debbie!) handled everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! I can’t say “thank you” enough to Laura! ~ Bruce

Stacy went above and beyond her duties as an attorney for me and my situation. A true professional with a human touch. ~ Anne

Laura did an excellent job in getting my family law matters handled. Empathetic, knowledgeable, and professional. Laura and her assistant, Debbie, are great communicators and got my divorce handled timely without excess cost. I felt comfortable with her and would strongly recommend. ~ Linda

Handled a housing short sale and had an excellent outcome. She is very courteous yet tenacious. We were very pleased with her and recommended Burt & Cordes to many people afterwards. ~ Jared

Very enjoyable experience working with Stacy. She is a sharp professional, attentive, available and managed expectations. I have no doubt her numerous abilities led to my positive outcome. ~ Jon

Awesome attorney! Laura Burt provided me with great advice and service! She covered all the details and provided concise, clear communication throughout the entire process. She and her staff are wonderful. I highly recommend her! ~ John

Burt & Cordes seemed to always answer the phone and were proactive when I needed to speak to my Attorney At other offices, trying to contact my Attorney was nothing more than an exercise in futility. At Burt & Cordes, it seemed as if my Attorney was easier to contact and had more time to spend on my case. ~ Greg

The best divorce lawyer on the east coast! I was recommended to Laura Burt by a dear neighbor friend of mine. She really was informative and very helpful throughout the whole separation and divorce. She is very compassionate and really concerned to help her clients at the best of her ability.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs a great lawyer throughout their divorce process! I cannot express enough in words of how much she really educated me and helped me throughout the whole process!  So if you need a lawyer who will stand behind you , Laura Burt is the lawyer I would recommend from every aspect of separation and divorce! I highly recommend her to anyone! ~ Anonymous

Burt & Cordes, PLLC were very professional and a pleasure to work with during my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone. ~Dan

A trusted advisor. Laura helped me navigate through a very emotional separation and had mine and my children’s best interest always in the forefront. She helped me negotiate a peaceful and extremely cost-effective solution and I am grateful! ~ Anonymous

Excellent attorney!  Laura Burt advised me during a very difficult time in my life. I was going through a divorce and her help and expertise was amazing. I have recommended her to many friends and colleagues. She and her staff are wonderful. ~ Ava

Excellent, ethical attorney. Laura Burt is an amazing attorney! She was wonderful to work with and extremely smart. She was easy to reach and very sensitive to my budget. I can not imagine anyone better or more caring in a difficult situation. ~ Gina

Laura and her team were wonderful to work with. They were knowledgeable, responsive, compassionate, and paid close attention to every detail along the way. Her advice and suggestions always turned out to be very wise. The divorce process is very difficult and painful to go through, so I am very thankful that Laura and Debbie were on top of everything and helped the process go as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend Laura without reservation. ~ Anonymous

Laura is extremely knowledgeable, personable and responded quickly whenever I needed her. She fought for me every step of the way in my divorce/mediation proceedings and guided me through a very difficult time. She is patient, caring and understanding but most of all she helped me receive what I deserved in my case. ~ Anonymous

Laura Burt and her team were compassionate yet feisty. They gave me “spot on” advice and never wasted my time, my energy, or my money. I felt advocated for and cared for at a crisis time in my life. Laura pushed the process forward and never let the other team stall. My outcomes were positive, and I am forever grateful. ~ Anonymous

I’ve read “It’s a rare person who can take care of business while also taking care of hearts”. Laura Burt and her Paralegal Debbie Lambert are two of those people. I could not have gotten through my divorce without them – I know because I tried. My husband & I hired a mediator who was not an attorney and I left in tears feeling very vulnerable. With Laura, I immediately felt protected. She is tenacious, detail oriented, and yet still compassionate. I highly recommend Laura & her staff. ~ Anonymous

Very fair, easy to work with and felt she always focused on the best interest for myself, my children and our future at all times. Already have sent 3 of my friends to her. Great lady and lawyer. Laura’s staff was amazing, as well. Couldn’t have asked for anything better during such a difficult and emotional time. ~ Anonymous

Laura Burt is a great divorce lawyer from every aspect. I would recommend her to anyone.  ~ Anonymous

Laura and her team are amazing. From the moment I stepped in their office I felt completely at ease and confident Laura had only my best intentions in mind. She skillfully, and patiently, navigated me through the legal process, shining light on a situation which could have been very confusing and stressful time. I highly recommend Laura Burt and her team.  ~ Anonymous

Laura was amazing. Full of integrity, honest, kind, and thorough. Perfect lawyer and so compassionate and smart! ~ Anonymous

I found Laura and her team to always be working for me and ensuring my best interest. She walked me through the legal side of issues and explained my options from all sides. She is a complete professional and was helpful in getting me through a tough time. She was helpful in mediation in making sure I understood everything and helped me make some tough decisions. I would highly recommend her and use her again if the need arise. ~ Anonymous

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